Be a brand that activates

I have three iconic and highly visible events happening in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie over the next four months. Sporting, Cultural and Social Cause. They will each attract audiences numbering 20,000+ who are exceptionally engaged and fit specific demographics.

If you are wanting to get your business “out there”, step up your marketing and reach new audiences then forget the traditional and start thinking meaningful. Your next client isn’t looking for a purchase, they’re looking for a connection.

Event Partnerships are one of the easiest ways to reach a diverse range of audiences, provide you with cost effective media exposure and leverage your association with the nationally recognised brands that are already on board.

How about some more perks?

// You don’t need to be a major sponsor to reap major benefits

// Spark some human interest in what your business does and why it has become an event ambassador

// Tons of new, interesting and non-direct-sales related content for your social media channels

// It’s one thing to list your values on your website, but another all together to live them and breathe them. A picture speaks a thousand words right? Well, an activation tells a novel more.

// Up to 80% of your brand exposure can happen before the event even takes place

// Money can buy exclusivity

// Reach a huge new variety of networks and channels of communication

// We can put you on the map. Literally.

// We are a reputable third party liaison to communicate about your brand to your target demographic (and will say the nicest things!)

// Set aside the sell and instead create a conversation with your customers based on the common interest of the event and see the start of a blossoming relationship! Hot day? Offer them a (branded) bottle of water and send them on their way.

// You can set the budget. And you don’t even need to pay in cash if you have the goods we need!

// You’re a VIP now

And a little bonus for reading this far:

>> Ever wanted to be featured on an app? You can be. Right now. For free. (You’re welcome)

Curious to find out more? Talk to me!