Why should you Talk to Bec?

A Modern Impresario

“An impresario? Yes, someone who organizes, who invents, who creates art projects, who spins something out of nothing, using insight and connections more than money… The impresario is a pathfinder. She’s the person who figures out what to do next – and then does it. She improvises.”

– Seth Godin

Bec Dujin headshot

Bec Dujin headshot by Justin Aaron photography

Bec works with individuals, groups and businesses on projects that are cultural, creative or community-oriented. She uses over a decade’s worth of skills collected studying theatre, media and marketing and then creates synergies within her extensive networks. Read more about her experience here.

Depending on the project and her collaborators, Bec may make use of the following skill-sets:

> Marketing

> Branding

> Spearheading

> Festival and event planning

> PR

> Writing

> Devising

Her clients are on the same wavelength, are passionate about their ideas and are committed to making them happen.



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