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I develop marketing strategies, run events and provide consultation to creative innovators, cultural activists and community-oriented causes. My mission is simple. I seek to activate the ideas of groups and individuals to foster a sense of place, connection, meaning and belonging. I do this through publicity, events, advertising, branding, digital media and other targeted marketing and communication activities.

 I am an advocate for the value of creativity; with it comes empathy, inspiration and ultimately, change.

Artists can illuminate truth, offer transcendent experience in a far too literal world, challenge us to feel, and connect us to our common humanity.

LAURA ZABEL, Springboard for the Arts



Most cultures acknowledge creativity's primal importance as a generative power. It enlivens and makes distinctive what would otherwise be routine and repetitive.

JOHN HOWKINS, The Creative Economy

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Creative Places: Nurturing Creative Communities

I am in a unique position to leverage communities and networks to make creative ideas happen. It’s not an easy job but it is an exciting one. There are a lot of unknowns as well as constant change. I do my best to arm myself with the best people and tools around because let me tell you – it’s not a one gal gig. Another thing I try and do as often as possible is get out of town to see what other cities do and how they harness their creativity. Cue REMIX Academy event on the Sunshine Coast. Presented as part of the Horizon Festival of Arts & Culture and taking place at The Innovation Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast, the event drew speakers from around Australia and around the world and explored the concept of Creative Places: Nurturing Creative Communities.

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Brand activation through event sponsorship

Be a brand that activates

I have three iconic and highly visible events happening in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie over the next four months. Sporting, Cultural and Social Cause. They will each attract audiences numbering 20,000+ who are exceptionally engaged and fit specific demographics.

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Pakistani artist Shehzar Abro photo by Mitch Lee

Pakistani Artist unveils 8ft mural of a revitalised Newcastle in Hunter St Mall

An 8ft high mural depicting the face behind the urban renewal of inner city Newcastle has been unveiled on Market Square, in the heart of Hunter Street Mall. Pakistani artist Shehzar Abro and creative collective The Roost are behind the initiative that pays tribute to the founder of Renew Newcastle, Marcus Westbury. The artwork adorns the face of a heritage building that is home to The Roost and newly opened Newcastle Transport office.

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Simon Sinek Talks to Bec

Let’s start with why… #girlbosses rock

Happy International Women’s day to all the #girlbosses out there who are strong and fierce, compassionate and reflective. As much as we are equal to our male counterparts, we are undeniably different at times when it comes to our approach in the workplace.

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