CLIENT: Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Beaumont St Carnivale

Festival Director / Event Manager (2016)

The Beaumont St Carnivale is an annual celebration of the rich culture of Hamilton. Showcasing this spirit through entertainment, interactivity, food and music has easily made it one of the Newcastle region’s most popular free community events, with crowds of up to 20,000 estimated this year.

As the 2016 Festival Director, I was responsible for everything from concept to execution. Continuing on with the branding and direction established by Beech & Co in 2015, I directed the creative towards a non-personalised representation of multiple cultures existing in harmony.

Reporting to the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce board, I was responsible for:

× Event planning, timeline and budgeting

× Sponsorship and funding procurement

× Developing strategic alliances and partnerships

× Program curation

× Management of design collateral and website

× Public Relations

× Advertising and Marketing

× Council and major stakeholder liaison

× Appointment and management of suppliers, contractors and volunteers

× Execution of Event




Design and web development | Beech & Co

Event Assistant | Jordan Yarad

Social Media | Squib Communications

Event Photography | Justine Cogan Potter